Sl. No.
Call for abstract submissions and early registration
1st  January, 2017
End of  abstract submissions
30th June, 2017
Intimation of acceptance of abstracts
15th July, 2017
Deadline for early registration
15th July, 2017

On spot registration will be available on the first day of the conference i.e 24th October 2017

We are pleased to announce the call for abstract submissions for 7th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture

General Information

• Online submission of the abstract will be made available from 1st January, 2017.

• All abstracts must be submitted online. The final deadline for 7th International Conference on Silicon in   Agriculture 2017 abstract submissions is 17:00 hrs (IST), 15th May, 2017.

• Acceptance notifications will be made by 15th July, 2017.

• Selected and confirmed presenting authors are responsible for 7th International Conference on Silicon in   Agriculture 2017 conferenceregistration, travel and hotel costs. No sponsorship or reimbursement is   available.

• Abstracts will be compiled and made available to participants in the conference booklet.

• These submissions will be for oral power point presentations and posters during the conference     sessions.

• Any selected presenter who is unable to attend should arrange for another qualified individual to present   the paper in question. If such a change is necessary, please notify the conference organising secretary -   Dr. N. B. Prakash (

Oral Presentations

• The technical session provides an interactive forum for authors to discuss their work.

• Participants will be assigned sessions to present their work, based on their theme.

• Audio visual facilities for oral power point presentation will be provided.

• Presenters are requested to submit their power point presentations slides on or before October 25, 2017   to the organizers.

Submission Instructions

• The abstracts are limited to 500 words. Abstracts not meeting the word limit will not be considered.

• Please submit your abstract on one of the following Conference Themes:

1. Chemistry and analysis of silicon in soils, plants and fertilisers
2. Biogeochemistry of Si cycle in agriculture
3. Mechanism of Si uptake and accumulation in plants
4. Influence of Si on plant growth and development
5. Role of Si in biotic and abiotic stress management
6. Influence of Si on nutritional value of crops, human and animal health
7. Functional ecology of plant Si in relation to soil biology and microbiology

• The title of the abstract should be written in Times New Roman 16 bold. The Authors Name to be written    in Times New Roman 14 bold.

• All abstracts must be formatted with 0.65 inch top and bottom margins and 0.35 for left and right    margins,12 pt font sizefor narrative text, and 10-pt font size or larger for table and figure legends.

• The presenting author is the first author and name is underlined

• The surnames are given before the given name

• Provide one row space between title and authors

• Provide one row space between lines in the address

• Mention ‘ABSTRACT’ aligned at the centre in the beginning of the text.

• Provide one row space between the address and the ABSTRACT and the same between the     ABSTRACT and the text.

• Narrative text may include tables and/or figures providing the submission stay within word limits.

• Abstracts must be submitted as MS word file beyond 2007 version with the name of the presenting    author like this: nameSi2017.

Abstract Template


• Name of Corresponding Author, Unit/Department(s), Institution, City, State/Province/District, Country; Name of Author #2, Unit/Department(s), Institution, City, State/Province/District, Country; Name of Author #N, Unit/Department(s), Institution, City, State/Province/District, Country;Corresponding Author Contact Information:, • Keywords: List 3 to 5 keywords each separated by semicolons.

• Conference Theme: Specify one themeAbstract

• Narrative text: Tables and figures may be included provided the abstract stays within the words limit.
  Avoid using jargon and acronyms.

• Consider including the following information in the abstract, when relevant:Objective, problem under
  investigation, hypothesis, or research goal, description of research methods, summary of findings and

• Please leave a row space between each row in the paragraph

• Please leave a row space between each paragraph

• Please indicate if you wish to present the paper as oral or poster

• Download the sample of the abstract below.


A poster presentation is of critical importance in a conference as it combines a visual display highlighting the research on a poster board and also offers an opportunity for the delegates to address queries regarding the research work. All posters specific to the theme will be displayed during the duration of the session to enable delegates read the poster at a time convenient to them during the sessions. Poster presenters are encouraged to design their posters following the guidelines outlined below for effective readability.


  1. Ensure that the poster measures 90 cm wide x 100 cm high.
  2. Each poster should display the picture of the presenter with contact details. This is important as it will enable delegates identify the author and seek information.
  3. Ensure brevity.
  4. Avoid using full sentences and paragraphs.
  5. Use dark text on a light background.
  6. Ensure that the text, tables and figures are visible from distance of two meters..

Posters need to include

1. Title banner – Title of the poster, Author (s), Affiliation(s) of each author
2. Introduction – objectives, context and hypotheses, or predictions
3. Methods – subject, study site, and protocol
4. Results – including graphs, display of electronic content etc.
5. Discussion and conclusions- should highlight significance of findings
6. Acknowledgement and references.


  1. The poster exhibition will take place at the venue of the conference.
  2. Each presenter will be allotted a poster panel measuring 100 cm x 100 cm which will be numbered corresponding to the number appearing in the book of abstracts, which will be provided during the conference.
  3. Carry A4 sized copies of your poster for delegates to take away.