A poster presentation is of critical importance in a conference as it combines a visual display highlighting the research on a poster board and also offers an opportunity for the delegates to address queries regarding the research work. All posters specific to the theme will be displayed during the duration of the session to enable delegates read the poster at a time convenient to them during the sessions. Poster presenters are encouraged to design their posters following the guidelines outlined below for effective readability.


1. Ensure that the poster measures 90 cm wide x 100 cm high.
2. Each poster should display the picture of the presenter with contact details. This is important as it will
    enable delegates identify the author and seek information.
3. Ensure brevity.
4. Avoid using full sentences and paragraphs.
5. Use dark text on a light background.
6. Ensure that the text, tables and figures are visible from distance of two meters..

Posters need to include

1. Title banner - Title of the poster, Author (s), Affiliation(s) of each author
2. Introduction - objectives, context and hypotheses, or predictions
3. Methods - subject, study site, and protocol
4. Results - including graphs, display of electronic content etc.
5. Discussion and conclusions- should highlight significance of findings
6. Acknowledgement and references.


1. The poster exhibition will take place at the venue of the conference.
2. Each presenter will be allotted a poster panel measuring 100 cm x 100 cm which will be numbered corresponding     to the number appearing in the book of abstracts, which will be provided during the conference.
3. Carry A4 sized copies of your poster for delegates to take away.

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